Health Tips

Tips for Healthy Living



1. Drink 1–3 glasses of warm/cold water in squatting position after rising from the bed in the morning.

2. Drink at least 8–12 glasses of water everyday with a frequency of one glass every 2 hours.

Vital Factors

1. Breathe deeply and keep erect posture always.

2. Cultivate the habit of passing motions twice a day.

3. Bathe twice a day with cold/neutral water.*

4. Pray/meditate twice a day.*

Once in the morning before sunrise and once at night.

1. After every meal, pass urine and relax in vajrasana for 5 to 15 minutes.

2. Sleep on a medium/hard bed with a thin pillow.

3. Forget your worries and be relaxed when you go to bed.

4. Cultivate the habit of sleeping on your abdomen or on the right side.

5. Keep a three–hour gap between your dinner and bedtime.


1. Early morning walk briskly/jog for 30 minutes.

2. Do exercises / asanas / suryanamaskars / gardening / swimming / play games etc.

3. Stroll after dinner for 15 to 20 minutes.


1. Chew well and eat slowly and calmly.

2. Eat according to your hunger, but fill only three–fourth of your stomach.

3. Ideal time for lunch is between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. and for dinner it is 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

4. Take only two meals a day (with a gap of 7 hours).

5. Use any grains / seeds after soaking them in water overnight.

6. Take dried fruits after soaking them in water overnight.

7. Let a part of your meal consist of cereals and another of vegetables. Do not mix cooked and raw diet. Take raw diet in one meal and cooked diet in another.

8. Use only pure oil having unsaturated fats such as sunflower / gingili oil.

9. Eat more of raw food–sprouts, fresh green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits, salads, juices, raw chutney, lemon–hone–water, prefer butter milk and curds to milk.

10. Cooked food, Whole flour, unpolished rice and gruel. Preferably, use steam–cooked food and soups.


1. Salt, sweets, spices, chillies, pulses (dal), ghee, butter, ice–cream, cooked food, potato and nuts.

2. High heel footwear, overweight, heavy exercise, TV and movies.


1. Smoking, tea, coffee, alcohol, drugs, soft drinks, tobacco chewing, pan, zarda and other bad habits.

2. White–flour (maida), white sugar, polished rice.

3. Non–vegetarian food.

4. Tinned/dried/adulterated/colored/flavored/synthetic/artificial food.

5. Refined/deodorized/bleached/hydrogenated (vanaspati) oils.

6. Any unnatural food and drinks.

7. Food when in fear, worry and anxiety and when not hungry.

8. Very hot and very cold food.

9. Air/water/noise pollution

10. Harmful cosmetics and clothes, and medicated soaps and creams.

11. Drinking water during meals and within half an hour before and upto one hour after.

12. Late dinner.

13. Heavy meals.

14. Late sleeping.

15. Sleeping on the left side and on the back.

16. Breakfast.


1. Gargling with warm saline water once a day.

2. Wash your eyes with Triphala water daily in the morning and in the evening for sparkling eyes.

3. Do ‘Vamana dhauti’ (kunjal/vomiting) once a week.

4. Take an enema if constipated.

5. Massage and sun–bathe once a week.

6. Do gentle massage over palate (roof of mouth) daily.

7. Splash water twice daily on forehead and eyes, keeping a mouthful of water.

8. Spend some time in laughing and singing daily.


1. Wash vegetable and fruits properly before cutting/as they contain pesticides and contaminants.

2. As far as possible, eat wholesome fruits and vegetables with the peel.

3. Maintain an adequate distance while watching TV.


1. The early to bed and early to rise habit.

2. Fasting one day every week with juices and adequate water.

3. Eat to live, not live to eat.

4. Nature cure in case of illness as well as for good health.

Points to Rememeber

a. Food occupies sixth place in the following requisites for living.

    1. Adequate space.

    2. Pure air.

    3. Pure water.

    4. Sunshine.

    5. Exercise/physical work.

    6. Food.

b. Drugs are more dangerous than diseases.

c. Those who are regular in food, exercise and sleep/rest never fall sick.

d. Water is the medicine and diet is the drug.

e. Fasting is an important factor in cure.

f. Hurry, worry and curry makes a man ill.

Points at a Glance

0. All healing powers are within your body.

1. Nature cure is the safest and the most permanent cure.

2. Do not eat if ill, tired, in pain, in a tense state or in a hurry.

3. Food eaten during illness feeds the disease, not the patient.

4. Drink water half an hour before and one hour after your meals. Do not drink water during meals.

5. Good health depends on a well–balanced diet and a happy attitude towards life.

6. Drugs, tobacco and alcohol are the other poisons that have to be condemned.

7. Drink at least 8–12 glasses of water everyday.

8. Keep three hours gap between dinner and bed time.

9. Money can buy medicines, but not health.

10. Nature is rich, let her enrich you.

11. A disciplined life makes you live long and happy.

12. Tea and coffee may stimulate you for a short time, but ultimately they depress you.

13. Yoga has a complete message for humanity. It has a message for the body, mind and soul.

14. Naturopathy and Yoga are like two wheels of a cart.

15. Your guide during your period of treatment is your doctor. Please have faith in him and his advice for a change in diet and/or treatment.

16. Take a stroll after dinner for 15 to 20 minutes.

17. Eat according to your day to day appetite but fill only three–fourths of your stomach.

18. Avoid smoking, tea, coffee, alcohol, drugs, soft drinks and other bad habits.